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They themselves talk mainly about the Iraq invasion, ``terrorism'' and complicity in a way that floats between the banal, the ingenuous and the obvious - scripted, I assume, because the point is, after all, to point up our inability to affect politics, our alienation from power, our comp
If this is an answer to the publishers' competitive search for novelty, it also happens to serve well editors and readers alike, for it is through intelligent and ingenuous fragmentation that the vast field of the poetry of a nation can be translated and assimilated.
Mir has successfully deployed this sort of ingenuous participatory mode before.
Despite the occasionally hackneyed material, the show succeeds on the considerable power of Philippe Arlaud's cinematic direction and stunning day-glo sets and lighting (including ingenuous incorporation of video during Ronny's comeback concert); the perky, MTV-inspired choreography of Kim Duddy; and the infectious energy of the large, committed cast.
Eliot's ingenuous use of Indic lore; and the diametrically opposed versions of "the Raj" projected by E.
Starting from an ingenuous and wide-eyed world-view, fortified by her own youth, to the appropriationist superstructures of recent years, filtered through stereotypes of glamour and fashion icons, Beecroft has intelligently pursued dual and apparently conflicting goals: to demonstrate the consistency of her intention and to constantly update the work.
A mid so many dark and angry pics on societal tensions that are screening at Cannes, it's rare to come across such a simple charmer as "James' Journey to Jerusalem," which turns an ironic mirror on a certain portion of contempo Israeli society through the eyes of an ingenuous migrant worker.
He gives some quite ingenuous examples in a chapter rifled "Ideas of Order in Dada-Surrealist Imagery," in which he finds all manner of patterns at work in texts many would consider to be exercises in the derisive destruction of meaning.
At times curious, at times bemused, Nathaniel's vibe is bland, ingenuous, and unconvincing--minus any note of grievance that might be more authentic (and disempowering).