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Semi-finalists were asked to submit a franchise application, business plan, and resume Ingrain spent about a week, roughly 12 hours a day, putting together his package.
This Joint Industry Project (JIP) is designed to help operators reduce risk and improve well performance by using Ingrain's technology to understand the most important rock properties that control reservoir quality and well productivity.
Carl Zeiss and Ingrain will provide core characterisation for the ANH to gain critical knowledge of select regions of the Colombian subsoil and its potential for hydrocarbon extraction.
Throughout the chapters, Ingrain grapples with the tension between religious plurality and the need to guard each religion's traditions and teachings.
Ingrain Yuzek's renewal involves space on the sixth floor for an additional 10-year term.
Ingrain would say only that Heifer was continuing to "monitor" the situation.
As Ingrain chased his coworker into the parking lot, Chris Cope, the manager of a nearby financial services firm, saw what was happening and retrieved a pistol from his car.
Ingrained safety thinking would have helped a load crew one rainy night.
Ingram: The court turned to two cases: the Tax Court's decision in Ingrain Indus., Inc., TC Memo 2000-323, and the Ninth Circuit's decision in Smith, 300 F3d 1023 (9th Cir.
The visitor centre was officially opened on Sunday 17 August 2003 with official guest Myrtle Ingrain, the widow of George Ingrain VC.
By Edward Ingrain. (London and Portland, OR: Frank Cass, 2001.