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Organizational change is unbelievably hard because most organizations are made up of powerful, ingrained cultures.
That classic "nanny state" impulse collides, however, with ingrained cafeteria practices, powerful agribusiness interests, and, perhaps especially, children's tastes.
This is ingrained in the very fabric of the zinc rather than "applied" to its surface, but the peculiar mixture of raw and refined consistencies is present in both forms.
Is it possible for me to turn the pages of "Woman in Amber" without a deeply ingrained bias?
Compounding matters are the deeply ingrained beliefs held by many black men that prevent them from seeking clinical help, even in times of crisis: Black men must be "strong," no matter what; revealing emotional or psychological distress is a deadly sign of weakness.
Daniel Wilks is Deputy Editor of Hyper, Australia's leading multi-format games magazine has been writing about computer games in a full time and freelance capacity for nearly ten years and as such has an ingrained agenda to defend them to his last breath or otherwise he'll have to look for another line of work.
Spotting trouble before it starts is ingrained in the company culture at fuel-tank maker Vitec LLC.
The 10 new central European countries add to the EU equation an ingrained nationalism, the value of identity known by formerly Soviet-occupied nations.
For Kaltner, it is important to note that "There is no ingrained animosity toward Judaism and Christianity imbedded in Islam.
Of both Chinese and Swedish descent, Wah is a self-described child of hippy parents who ingrained a bit of exhibitionism in their daughter at an early age--Wah says there's no better feeling in the world than skinny-dipping.
His vision for a better world and his constant optimism that this world could exist was ingrained in every person he mentored, befriended, and loved.
But its roots are deeply ingrained in the occupation.