ingratiate oneself

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In order to ingratiate oneself with Top Execs and secure potential jobs, BC has resorted to badmouthing colleagues.
Nothing like a gratuitous dig at the media to ingratiate oneself to the president.
The scene where she humiliates herself by jumping into the water to retrieve a spoiled child's plaything is symbolic of the humiliation involved in trying to ingratiate oneself with those with power in the hope that her children can move up in the world.
Regardless of whether the goal is to ingratiate oneself to a client or to take aerial photographs for a listing, it seems that having trouble finding a particular house during a flyover is common.
Lying to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) typically isn't the best way to ingratiate oneself with the federal government and its employees.
And in a country that hosts nine percent of the world's proven oil reserves, it doesn't hurt to ingratiate oneself by contributing to the development of a showcase project, heavily invested with pride.
Weitzman begins with the premise that, under foreign authorities, "the basic options available to Jews were limited--one could ingratiate oneself with foreign rule, operate within its blind spots, or find a way to augment one's power and fight it off" (p.
I took for granted that the endgame of these ritual humor dinners was to ingratiate oneself to the audience--in this case, the press--and that the speaker should be his own primary target.
The opportunity to ingratiate oneself with customers, to turn a professional relationship into a personal one, calls out to vendors.
In a desperate attempt to ingratiate oneself with Big Bosses, SP dished out all sorts of sordid rumors about friends, acquaintances, even relatives.