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Thirty-four and movie-star handsome, he possesses an ingratiating boyish charm.
Learn both and always accompany them with an ingratiating smile
Maybe these were the actions of a man who having single-handedly wrecked our capital city and knowing he'll be booted out come the mayoral election, is now ingratiating himself with union hardliners because he sees his next job as head of the TUC - with a six-figure salary of course.
This is a gently ingratiating recording that holds up well under repeated listening.
He spends more time ingratiating himself to clubs in the hope of a free dinner than commentating on the action.
The purpose of this article is to examine how individual differences and environmental conditions present in a work setting (ingratiation, ambiguous performance levels, and reward distributions) influence coworkers' reactions to the work, the supervisor, and an ingratiating co-worker.
In chapter eight, Jenny Wormald contends that Richard Bancroft's attacks on the Scottish Presbyterians, far from ingratiating him with King James, ran afoul of the king's efforts to deal with his opponents in the kirk.
John Major was an ingratiating, amiable mediocrity.
With ingratiating words speaking from my heart, My heart is shattered, though my eyes are laughing.
GATHERED around the half-moon table of death, the desperate, ingratiating smiles on the remaining four couples' faces freeze into a rictus of terror tonight.
Villa chairman/owner Randy Lerner has already broken the mould in ingratiating the club to supporters and the wider community and this is another example of that as he strives to give the charity a platform across the world, thanks to televised games, which it would never normally be afforded.
The wry, highly ingratiating, always amusing personality on display in the comic crime thriller ``Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang'' and George Clooney's acclaimed historical piece ``Good Night, and Good Luck'' seems very much like the guy Hollywood and the media enjoyed in the 1980s and mid-'90s.