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At the same time, he ingratiatingly saluted "our ancient sister state of Massachusetts, once venerated and beloved, and still hanging on our hopes, for what need we despair of after the resurrection of Connecticut to light and liberality.
What is certain, however, is that when they were in Banharn's presence, they followed his leadership ingratiatingly without showing any sign of resentment, and for that they were amply rewarded.
Well, they do, but those other colours are so garishly bright, or ingratiatingly pastel, that I want to punch them in the face.
Similarly, Spolsky juxtaposes her reading of Othello, which stresses the Moor's misguided imagination of Desdemona's infidelity, with a trio of early modern pastoral poems that ingratiatingly offer potentially helpful instruction about the dangerous entanglements of sex and violence.
Yet evidence exists--films, records, reviews--to document that he once struck audiences as funny--not just ingratiatingly so, but belly-laughing funny.
The plot lurches forward haltingly through innumerable recitatives, taking decided second place to the ingratiatingly written arias, which were sung magnificently.
Women smiled ingratiatingly at her contemptuous face in the mirror.
Rorty's ingratiatingly unpretentious tone conceals a theoretical ambition no less sweeping than that of traditional philosophers.
Holland makes his pupil beam by commenting ingratiatingly (but, at a deeper level, insultingly): "Congratulations, you found the beat.
As this book opens, the veteran journalist-turned-professor positions himself ingratiatingly as a kind of regular person tussling with, but open to, the dawning cyberworld.
For instance, employees may have seen others who were fired if they did not cajole the VP, and may thus have learned to behave ingratiatingly in order to avoid punishment.