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Each acceptance speech was scored for imagery related to the use of the following self-presentational strategies: ingratiation, exemplification, self-promotion competency, self-promotion bashing, and intimidation.
Out of eight tactics, ingratiation is covert in nature and its success depends on act appearing genuine to the target.
Ingratiation Actions are designed to make stakeholders like the organisation.
Stance RRS Date Advocacy Denial 22-Jun-11 Attacking the Accuser 24-Jun-11 Excuse legal 28-Jun-11 actions Accommodation 1-Jul-11 7-Jul-11 21-Jul-11 Justification correction 31-Jul-11 December 31, 2011 Cooperation December 7, 2012 April 23-25, Ingratiation 2013 Excuse, August 3-4, Advocacy scapegoat 2014 Stance Response Advocacy Denied on the RCSC website any connection with Guo Meimei.
Following this approach and building on Gattiker and Carter (2010), we included rational persuasion, three soft tactics (consultation, ingratiation, and inspirational appeals), and two hard tactics (legitimating and coalition) in our study.
Items 8,15,16 measure Assertiveness, 2, 5, 13 measure Exchange, 4, 12, 17 measure Upward Appeal, 1, 11, 18 measure Coalition Formation, 3, 6, 9 measure Ingratiation, and 7, 10, 14 measure Persuasion.
Yet under this president, Russia has run rings around America, from the attempted ingratiation of the "reset'' to America's empty threats of "consequences'' were Russia to annex Crimea.
One insignificant relationship in our analysis is noteworthy: Political skill and ingratiation were uncorrelated, suggesting that these represent distinct constructs.
The role of subordinate performance and ingratiation in leadermember exchanges, Group and Organization Management 19: 67-86.
56) Although the Citizens United Court was careful to note that it was not deciding the constitutionality of contribution limits, (57) it rejected these earlier cases' broad theory of corruption--at least in evaluating spending limits--by concluding that ingratiation and access are not corruption.
The hidden language of the Jews: self-reproach, laden with ambivalence, not this or this either, seeing five sides to every issue, the old pilpul song and dance, obfuscation clowning as ingratiation, whose only motivation is: never offend, criticize only with a discountable barb: Genocide is made of words like these, Pound laughing.
A few of the tactics commonly presented include ingratiation (get one in a good mood or to see you in a good light), rational persuasion (use logical arguments or factual evidence), and consultation (seek participation in making a decision).