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Teens will be intrigued with the thoughts A has regarding the bodies that he inhabits and the dilemmas that he faces.
Why do wandering or earthbound spirits inhabit such statues and are not afraid of them?
Inhabit is looking forward to breathing new life into this iconic and historical site.
C) the management of waste collected from property owners, residents and property owners, in which the inhabitants live in part, and in part do not inhabit the inhabitants and produce municipal waste,
Inhabit Media's aims are to ensure that Arctic voices are heard and that the stories, knowledge and talent of Inuit and northern Canada are preserved.
The Indian Ocean bottlenose dolphin, which mainly inhabits waters near southern Pacific coasts, is most likely to be breeding in Kagoshima bay in southwestern Japan, an ecological survey shows.
Komarov Botanical Institute, this volume describes all 230 species of 11 families at the beginning of the Dicotylrdoneae-Archichlamydeae system that inhabit Central Asia outside of the former USSR.
The interviewees who appear in Berlin-based artist Omer Fast's new two-channel video installation Godville, 2005, are actors who inhabit Colonial Williamsburg, an eighteenth-century town turned theme park that's known in trade parlance as a "living-history museum.
Rather, owning a share of the building entitles the shareholder with the right to inhabit a certain space within the dwelling, such as an apartment.
Sheep and goat herders who inhabit the area have become increasingly sedentary over the years, and now live near the region's few natural sources of water.
And Major makes it abundantly clear that the social world they inhabit is still infected with both subtle and crude forms of racism that have destroyed the marriage of John's parents.
Show how the change initiatives have helped advance the institution and the people who inhabit it.