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scientists have discovered three planets which they believe could be inhabitable.
Almost 150,000 additional housing units sustained various degrees of damage and remained inhabitable.
Fortunately, there are people that are willing to put in the necessary work in order to make the planet more inhabitable for people and animals so that they can live healthy lives.
Rising sea temperatures and depleting oxygen in the water, dropping the ocean's PH levels, as a result of global climate change and burning fossil fuels are driving marine creatures towards the poles into habitats that are smaller and less inhabitable.
Total 301 buildings in the city have been declared hazardous and inhabitable on the basis of continued survey reports of SBCA's Technical Committee for Hazardous Buildings.
Dark Orbit tells of a strange new world's discovery, an exoethnologist recruited to watch over an unstable crewmate as a team of scientists journey to a strange inhabitable world, and murder and disappearance that lends more than a dose of mystery to the theme of exploration and discovery.
The farmhouse was barely inhabitable and had actually been condemned, it was so bad, but we were allowed to move in because the council were desperately short of accommodation.
Sarah is determined to put their lives back together as they live in and restore a squalid, barely inhabitable lighthouse, the island's only structure.
The fire also inflicted severe damage to the buildings, raising concerns of the residents if the buildings structures were still solid and inhabitable.
Later, Andre acts like he's helping while a team of workmen and a ludicrous designer turn a crap room into something vaguely inhabitable.
150 to 200 out of a total of 700 houses in the flood-hit northwestern town of Mizia are inhabitable, according to Mayor Violin Krushovenski.
During the shooting of the film, my crew and I lived on a ship in inhabitable Sunderbans in Bangladesh for a few weeks.