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This indicator describes / measures also the real exposure of the inhabitance to GA and the pattern of growth of green area within built up area.
Also what is apparent in the formation of the terrorist assemblage as an inhabitance of resistance is the assumption of the state as the predominating force of violence and it furthermore asserts that all violence has the potential to be definitively recognized as such, violence.
The argument proffered for such inclusion is the inhabitance of a substantive Nepali speaking population in these areas though there is already a counter movement by majority of the population in these areas against any such thinking or attempted move.
Only by uniting together as the "Key" and "Catalyst" can the brothers overcome the evil forces of the Authority and the red pearl army set on destroying the Earth for human inhabitance.
Central to these powers is the vampire's inhabitance of the dream.
QUETTA -- The race between candidates for NA-270, Awaran/Lasbela continues like that leopard and deer in the region that is famous for its Hingol National Park spread on hundreds of kilometers, a natural inhabitance of endangered species of wildlife.
3, as plant species with C-values of 0-3 "provide little or no confidence that [their] inhabitance signifies remnant conditions" (Rothrock 2004), and sites with FQI values of less than 45 are not thought to possess natural area potential (Swink & Wilhelm 1994).
As Colin Goldblatt (University of Victoria, Canada) stated, "Habitability and inhabitance are inseparable.
The Study of the influence of technogen contamination and social conditions of the ambience of inhabitance on health of the population," Public health of Russ.
Pocket gophers may also use this riparian habitat as dispersal corridors from one suitable field of inhabitance to another.
Satanical graces' are identified with that which acknowledges its own guilt context, and through the self-awareness of both its predicament and the inescapability of that predicament one gains in consolation the clarity that comes with the avowal of the inhabitance of Hell.