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And secondly (since getting on board with this or that fantasy of salvation-now is generally disastrous), it is an approach that requires one to 'dwell' in the bad, keeping track, however, of the distance between the way things are and how they might otherwise be, between one's inhabitancy of hell and the fact that one does not really belong there.
Beyond the claim that for historical reasons dwelling has become a legitimate sphere for analysis and the political (consistent, I think, with the essential premise of Cultural Studies), it has also been my intention to elucidate the structure of 'negative utopianism' at work in the Adornian notion of dwelling as the inhabitancy of hell.
Marzec's book, the first of a projected two volume treatise on inhabitancy, constitutes an intervention in the debates over the question of postcolonialism as it pertains to the history of the British novel.
This "nomadology," Marzec claims in the process of a lucid and illuminating earlier reading of this difficult text, enables a return to the (non)foundational imperatives that endows human being with an identityless self that relates to the resistant earth in the form of the rhizomatic inhabitancy that the individuating and alienating logic of enclosure has disabled.
The varying rates of production of this genre serve as something of a barometer of British anxieties for an era in which technological advancements were eroding the strategic advantages of island inhabitancy while geopolitical developments were augmenting the difficulties of maintaining a sprawling empire.
The man, by its own presence induces the idea of inhabitancy.
1) There are only three qualifications for congressional office, which are set out in the United States Constitution at Article I, Section 2, clause 2, for Representatives (and Article I, Section 3, clause 3 for Senators): age, citizenship, and inhabitancy in the state when elected.
By failing to maintain inhabitancy in House District 7 until his term expires in January 2005, Kruse could be subject to expulsion from the Legislature.