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Del latin inhabitare, derivado del verbo griego oikein --[text not reproducible]--(habitar) y este a su vez de oikia, oiKIa (casa).
More specifically he also struggles to contain the active roles that these nuns play, as is illustrated in the following passage: "Quamdiu enim antiquas inhabitare sedes et exigua fouere tuguria gracillimis contexta uiminibus seu cauatis consuta codicibus file, qui inter ceteras magistratus officio fungitur, decreuerit, nulla ex immense multitudine fugitiuis discursibus et passiuis uolatibus per aethera uagatur" (67-69) [For as long as that bee, who among the others discharges the office of magistrate, shall decree that they should inhabit their ancient dwellings and care for their little cottages woven with slender cane or knitted together with hollow stems, no bee from the immense multitude roams through the air on wandering routes or with undirected flights].