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Inhabiting Good Friday happens when we stop asking what will happen to me if I help and instead ask what will happen to them if I do not.
The fourth of a projected six-volume series, this volume describes findings and conclusions about inhabiting the town.
As theatrical metaphor, it toys with the mutual yearning that binds actor and audience: The actor thrives by inhabiting all manner of people, while the little people they emulate bum to know, if not be, them.
This is a vast folded mechanism inhabiting its host - the NAi's Main Hall - as a benign parasite.
I throughof somefloor whwhere anhouse ex the childrsomeoneroutine ACCEPTING his Best Actor Oscar, Daniel Day-Lewis, right, who famously inhabits his roles, thanked his wife for up with living with several different men over the am now awaiting the day my husband walks through the door with an Oscar for inhabiting the roles of someone whose underwear and socks only leave the floor when he's wearing them; someone who doesn't know where anything is kept in the kitchen despite having lived in the house exactly as long as I have; someone who has no idea where children's clothes are kept or how they got into the house and someone who thinks final demands and court summonses are a routine way of paying.
Although we use the terms interchangeably--as does the New Testament in places--there is a clear distinction between the devil, or Satan, and the swarms of demons inhabiting folks in first-century Israel.
Members of another subspecies, which escaped the stew pot by inhabiting the relatively inaccessible slopes of the island's Alcedo volcano, number in the thousands.
He systematically undoes the shackles of the present and retreats into pasts both fictional and actual, even biographical, inhabiting hybrid "cultural histories" of heretofore unimagined sincerity, euphoria, and cruelty.
It disgorges you into a soaring white space with clothes inhabiting a kind of townscape of sculptural enclosures, made of white enamelled steel.
These findings emphasize the power of the early social environment to mold individual responses to stress, at least in animals capable of inhabiting surroundings that pose an array of survival challenges.
GOG hails from one of those bleak satellite cities surrounding Brasilia, crammed with the people who came to build the new capital in the '50s but were found unworthy of inhabiting this Modernist utopia when it was officially completed in 1960.