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There are various sexual scenes which are unique, as A is able to inhabit both male and female bodies.
On the other hand, perhaps I do know the world which Katie inhabits.
It is rare for the Indian Ocean bottlenose dolphin to inhabit and breed in waters near a city area, they said.
brucei form that inhabits the tsetse fiyprevented the protozoan from moving around in lab dishes but had little effect on its hardiness or reproductive success.
What is most exciting--and sometimes most frustrating--about Tuttle's pieces is the way they inhabit a special twilight zone that keeps them hovering somewhere between their status as images and their existence as things.
The rest of the cast inhabit their Shakespearean characters less successfully but well enough.
The 1973 movie The Exorcist exposed us to the dangers that threaten us: that Beelzebub's minions might at any time inhabit our bodies and produce incalculable harm and misery.
I throughof somefloor whwhere anhouse ex the childrsomeoneroutine ACCEPTING his Best Actor Oscar, Daniel Day-Lewis, right, who famously inhabits his roles, thanked his wife for up with living with several different men over the am now awaiting the day my husband walks through the door with an Oscar for inhabiting the roles of someone whose underwear and socks only leave the floor when he's wearing them; someone who doesn't know where anything is kept in the kitchen despite having lived in the house exactly as long as I have; someone who has no idea where children's clothes are kept or how they got into the house and someone who thinks final demands and court summonses are a routine way of paying.
Part earth goddess, part techno-banshee, Rist's alter ego or animating idea inhabits a symbolic register in which slight, sound, and touch have never been split apart.
Some colonize the container's floor, others stake out the rim, and a third group inhabits the broths surface.
In a nutshell: In a nutshell: A tour de force for Annette Bening, a gifted comedian who fully inhabits a woman skilled at blurring the lines of the theatricality of her life on and off the stage.
Using the research vessel Atlantis and submersible Alvin, the team is carrying out a pioneering environmental genomic study of the strange life that inhabits super-hot hydrothermal vents almost two miles deep in the Pacific Ocean.