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CFD analysis on characteristics of contaminated indoor air ventilation and its application in the evaluation of the effects of contaminant inhalation by a human occupant.
Local administration of drugs by inhalation devices has become the main stay of treatment in patients of bronchial asthma and COPD owing to rapid onset of action, maximal potency at the level of airways and minimal side effects.
The protein content of inhalation may be an important factor for inhalation lactose because of the need to eliminate the risk of prophylaxis.
Various other factors such as the advancements in inhalation anesthesia, increasing geriatric population, untapped emerging markets, rise in regulatory approvals, and increasing surgical procedures are also expected to propel the growth of the market.
According to the company, this manufacturing facility, which includes development and manufacturing capabilities for novel respiratory products, complements the inhalation development expertise offered by the Recipharm team in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina.
For more information on Recipharm's inhalation and nasal product development services, visit product-development
It usually occurs in patients who already are critically ill from predisposing conditions such as sepsis, pneumonia, burns, inhalation injury, traumatic or injuries.
TWO people have been treated for smoke inhalation after a fire broke out at a house.
Compared with inhalation intake, dermal intake of low-molecular-weight PAHs was greater for atmospheric PAHs.
When BALB/c mice were treated with a lower dose of CDDP (15 mg/kg) after 1000 Bq/m3 radon inhalation, the creatinine level was reduced and the superoxide dismutase content was increased, suggesting that this combination might have a protective effect against the CDDP-induced renal damage.
In fact, statistically speaking, a person is twice as likely to die of smoke inhalation than from burns post a fire, according to the US-based National Fire Protection Association.
Medical sources said the young man suffered a moderate injury, after the soldiers shot him with a rubber-coated steel bullet in his abdomen, while many others suffered the effects of teargas inhalation.