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Isoflurane is one of the least toxic inhalation anesthetics available today (Belant, 1995), providing smooth induction and recovery for anesthetized animals (Seal and Kreeger, 1987).
The changes in S1 amplitude, cardiac output, heart rate, and arterial pressure with increasing concentrations of the inhalation anesthetic were compared with the standard value using one-way analysis of variance.
Inhalation anesthetics and propofol are more efficient in this respect [30, 31].
The integrated devices with decision support systems and advanced monitoring capabilities not only monitor complex parameters such as inhalation anesthetics, end-tidal concentrations of carbon dioxide and oxygen levels and transcutaneous oxygen saturation but also provides data analysis to help clinicians take decisions related to surgical and therapeutic interventions.
In our case, we stopped inhalation anesthetics, administered 100% oxygen, and started colloid and crystalloid fluids.
Although total blood loss in both groups was not excessive, the greater blood loss with inhalation anesthetics may be of importance when approaching the patient at an increased risk of uterine bleeding during gynecologic procedures, such as those with recognized or unrecognized coagulopathies.
Determination of DNA damage after exposure to inhalation anesthetics in human peripheral lymphocytes and sperm cells in vitro by comet assay.
HPV is an important protective mechanism by which blood flow is diverted from the nonventilated lung toward a better-ventilated region, thereby maintaining adequate arterial oxygenation.[sup][6] HPV decreases blood flow to the collapsed lung, and many anesthetics, such as inhalation anesthetics, may inhibit HPV and increase hypoxemia.[sup][7] Therefore, the anesthesiologists aim to reduce intrapulmonary shunt and protect lung function with the help of various drugs and techniques.
Effects of repeat exposure to inhalation anesthetics on liver and renal function.
In the early phases of Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom, many anesthesia providers deployed with the Ohmeda Universal Portable Anesthesia Complete (PAC) draw-over anesthesia system to deliver volatile inhalation anesthetics. The draw-over meets the requirements discussed above.