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In the aforesaid webinar, that was incidentally organised just one day before the release of the Cochrane review, Dr Surya Kant too had said that, as of now, Yoga exercises might help, but cannot be an alternative to inhalation therapy.
DISCUSSION: Inhalation therapy has been used for centuries, but over the last 40 years it has been employed on a scale never envisioned before.
The primary objective of the study is to evaluate the effect of an experimental inhalation therapy administered once daily (QD) compared with placebo on aPWV in subjects with COPD and aPWV ≥ 11.
CF patients often receive inhalation therapy, whereas the categorical susceptibility or resistance reported refers to serum-achievable antibiotic concentrations.
The scope of the deal covers EP-101 - an inhalation therapy currently undergoing Phase 2b clinical trials A for the treatment of patients with moderate to severe COPD.
The pipeline includes a new inhalation therapy that harnesses the body's natural defenses in the airway against asthma.
to this inhalation therapy, Cayce recommended a diet consisting mostly of fruits and vegetables to improve assimilation and elimination.
Inhalation therapy has revolutionalised the treatment of asthma.
The alleged advantage of inhalation therapy is high local drug concentrations, but concentrations in some alveoli may be subtherapeutic (3).
As a third generation trustee to work there--his father and grandfather were past presidents--Schotz had been assigned to the inhalation therapy and supply departments.
Those randomized to nebulizer and inhalation therapy with heliox had a significantly larger mean decrease in bronchiolitis scores since the beginning of the study (4.