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The new method of additive plus wave shaping synthesis followed by concatenative synthesis is introduced where the raw inharmonic signal is generate using additive synthesis method.
All the sine waves are added to generate raw inharmonic signal where frequencies of partials follow the same relation as that of frequencies of partials of inharmonic tine of piano[5] given by equation (2).
ii) Synthesized inharmonic piano tones 'C1', 'C2', 'C3', and 'C4'
For adolescents with inharmonic communicative styles, I propose a program designed to develop their communicative activity and that may be applied by psychologists.
ART SHOWS "An Incessant, Inharmonic, Idiosyncratic Impulsion to Do Something Creative," works by Inga, reception, 7:01 p.
In this instance there are three kinds of calculations that can be done, two with a Generating Tryad, the third with a Generating Dyad; interesting inharmonic sounds can be obtained by adding supplementary controls to the partial generating data to create still other timbral choices (see Dashow, "Spectra as Chords").
Often these foldover frequencies are a source of inharmonic frequencies.
By continuing the synthesis according to the derived differences or ratios, the dyad is embedded in frequency collections that often have inharmonic relationships among themselves and/or to the dyad members.
Moreover, as the timbre becomes increasingly inharmonic, noise elements are added to the orchestration.
The microphony is composed of sustained pitches which, through the twelve repetitions of the process, move in five steps from harmonicity toward inharmonicity as shown on Example 6 (where the inharmonic tones are indicated by black notes).
The inharmonic components, shown as black notes, are indicated with decimals in Example 7 where "partials" 11.
This yields a variety of rich and inharmonic sounds; obviously, with modulation indices just over a certain value, the method generates the foldover phenomenon - itself a limit of digital synthesis, but a trick that can add a little "bite" and spectral complexity to the sound being synthesized.