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The core of the structure of the relationship is: it must be composed of two or more resistance forces; the meaning relationship formed by multi-reflectional space; a harmonious order formed by inharmonious elements; a whole of the combination of multifarious dissimilar elements.
The FHA's 1935 underwriting manual for real estate agents states, "If a neighborhood is to retain stability it is necessary that properties shall continue to be occupied by the same social and racial classes." The manual also states that natural and artificially established barriers would protect a neighborhood from such "adverse influences" as "inharmonious racial groups." Although those last three words were excised from the 1947 edition of the manual, it still recommends valuations based on "compatibility among the neighborhood occupants."
Valorizing all-white communities, the FHA applauded racially restrictive covenants for halting the "infiltration" of "inharmonious" racial groups.
An FHA manual suggested that the best financial bets were those in which there were safeguards, such as highways separating communities to prevent "the infiltration of lower class occupancy, and inharmonious racial groups." In 1940, the FHA actually denied insurance for a white development located near an African American community until the builder agreed to construct a concrete wall, a half-mile long and six feet high, to separate the two neighborhoods.
"China's enormous investment in the CPEC has become an inharmonious factor in Sino-Indian ties.
officials bowed to local pressure to avoid mixing "inharmonious
To narrate here means to put forward an inharmonious jumble of
Eliminate the unessential, the shallow, the inharmonious elements.
Existing ideas of support and reinforcement for slope and underground engineering based on the conventional anchorage system cannot accommodate the large deformation damage of soil-rock mass, and many inharmonious phenomena have appeared in the process of underground engineering support, for example, sudden breaking of bolts, warping of steel frame, extraction of bolt, and repeated repairing of the supported roadway.
States of domination are specific and well-defined phenomena which actually rise and fall, are sustained or altered, and eventually have implications for flexible, scattered and inharmonious relations of power: they should be reconsidered as globalized releases of unbalanced regional and planned relations of power.
However, I suggest that scholarly discussion of inharmonious goddesses in Venus should reconsider the importance of the figure of Ceres.
On the contrary, inharmonious interactions have been unsuccessful and harmful impositions," Ayatollah Khamenei added.