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This imagery both recalls and redeems the images of inharmonious sounds used in the first stanza.
states used "inadequate and inharmonious legal approaches"
Here he shows how the combination of electrostatics and solid-state physics that he worked on theoretically, can be used to analyze inharmonious nanoparticle matter in optical metrology for photovoltaics, thin films, organic LEDs, and other applications he has run into in the business world.
An inharmonious relation with coworkers will negatively affect job satisfaction.
96) The inharmonious opinions in Tafas have stifled regulatory efforts to improve the patent system and have made it difficult for the USPTO, patent practitioners, and judges to predict ex ante the extent of the USPTO's rulemaking authority.
One unfortunate consequence was that the war in Iraq both exacerbated flaws in the system and suffered from an inharmonious war cabinet.
Chapter 5 notes the work of Curtis Perry, maintaining that in addition to spectacular and bibliographical features, written and visual content of the shows involved spectators with both the past and the present through traditional symbols and allusions to London's sometimes inharmonious political and economic relationship with the court.
Yet in the recognition of that uncertainty the poems foreground meter's unique status as the poet's instrument, whether harmonious or inharmonious.
Secular humanism is a central but often ephemeral reason for fundamentalists' aversion to public schools and cited as rationale for book challenges, complaints of texts, materials, and educators' teaching, requests for overt use and display of Christian doctrine, school prayer and student prayer groups, criticism regarding Christmas, Halloween, and other holiday practices or pageants, and any other items or practices inharmonious with this groups' beliefs.
During practice sessions, an inharmonious cacophony of sound rises from the floor as they try out new pieces of garbage, testing sounds and looking for unique ways to use what they have.
The foreign investors perceive Indian political environment to be inharmonious and peevish for creating an amicable atmosphere for foreign investment (Kapur and Ramamurti, 2001).
Mangan, 1997) This perception of inequitable and loose treatment of offenders sends two inharmonious messages to students: (1) that the university really does not stand behind its policies when actually confronted with having to apply them; and (2) even when applied, the university cannot be consistent in its application.