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Biopolitical knowledge is regulated by inharmonious power relations.
The Legislative Guide notes that "inadequate and inharmonious legal approaches, which hamper the rescue of financially troubled businesses, are not conducive to a fair and efficient administration of cross-border insolvencies, impede the protection of the assets of the insolvent debtor against dissipation and hinder maximization of the value of those assets.
Wojnarowicz's and Grover's books, however, "dismantle" the premise behind Verghese's ideas by showing that the inharmonious environments that foster and propagate the spread of HIV/AIDs are not confined to the metropolises with which the disease was first associated (34).
But owners Birmingham International Holdings Ltd (BIHL) called in receivers from Ernst and Young to deal with what the club describes as "fractious and inharmonious relations within the management.
BIHL has blamed "fractious and inharmonious relations with the management" for the decision, adding that it has appointed three receivers from Ernst and Young.
A club statement read: "With no apparent resolution to the fractious and inharmonious relations within the management, the majority on the BIHL Board decided that it had no other option but to openly and voluntarily request reputable receivers to take over the management of BIHL on its behalf.
Rassendyll's denigration of Michael as a mongrel with an "uncertain temper" has echoes of Spencer's characterization of mixed breeds as being out of kilter with their environments and inharmonious in the structure of their own being.
Salam realizes that any major blow can lead to the toppling of his Cabinet, which was formed on the basis of inharmonious balances, which make it vulnerable.
The extracts published from the book, Merci pour ce Moment (Thanks for the Moment) clearly show that the publication is not short of the combination of venom, damaging anecdotes, references to inharmonious fluctuations of president Hollande's chaotic love life and above all, a repertoire of damaging political inconsistencies.
50) For example, the Federal Housing Administration's guidelines for mortgage appraisals called for protection of neighborhoods from the "infiltration of inharmonious racial groups.
2003), 'The Inharmonious Spatial/Physical Growth of the City of Yazd and its Influences on the Ecological Structure of the City', Geographical Research (Iranian Journal), Vol.
The arrival of a co-wife for Aisha in Usman's Destinies of Life; and Salmah in Zaria's Edge of Fate, are presented in the novels as antiquated, inharmonious and injurious to the well-being of all parties in a modern family setting.