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Particular modes inhere uniquely in the substance in which they inhere (no two substances or entities could share numerically the same mode).
The rule in Florida, in cases involving allegations of juror misconduct, has been that matters which essentially inhere in the verdict are not grounds for setting aside the verdict.
Given the social and cultural changes just discussed, do we expect information expertise to survive in individuals or will it come to inhere mainly in organizations and commodities?
The richness and beauty of both traditions inhere in those aspects of themselves that are uniquely their own.
This allows him to follow Aristotle in insisting that any property must inhere in an object, without committing him to any sort of suspect substratum in which properties inhere (pp.
If she finally seems just too good to be true, the fault may inhere in the script or direction, and it is easy to overlook.
Once the normal features of marketplace argumentation are accounted for, does anything distinctive still inhere in philosophical argument?
This trend has, of necessity, shifted the emphasis in asset valuation from physical property to intellectual property and to the legal rights that inhere in the latter"
The Indigenous Peoples' Rights Act of 1997 or (IPRA) also upholds the primacy of customary laws not only in the recognition of the indigenous peoples' right to ancestral domains but all the rights that inhere in them as distinct groups of peoples, including the rights to self-governance and empowerment, social justice and human rights, and cultural integrity in order to promote their political, economic and cultural well-being, she said.
This premise was effectively staged, but ultimately seemed specious: Why should the dignity of life inhere in the act of biological rather than technological reproduction?
Halifax) and Simmons (emeritus Christian education, Union Presbyterian Seminary) identify practices that inhere in the texts of Christian theologians using the tools of their scholarly training as well as their own faith to confront the ecological crisis.
What is new here is the focus on the potential and problems that inhere in mythology and the argument that the new mythology was not primarily a reaction to the failings in Enlightenment thought.