inherent ability

See: proclivity
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We believe in the inherent ability of youth to be the catalyst for positive change and the realisation of our nation's ambition.
Congratulations to Carl Hicks, Denise Large and their team who have shown their flair, professionalism and an inherent ability to promote racing's heritage to the nation.
But his play-off victory over Tim Clark in China proved beyond doubt he has an inherent ability to win big tournaments.
In all schools there is a wide variation in attainment between children due to the differences in rate of development, inherent ability and environment.
Campari has always had an inherent ability to recreate itself and keep the brand image fresh, inspiring and imaginative - a goal I constantly strive towards in my own work too.
The product represents a new generation in tissue sealing technology that imitates the properties of algae, giving it an inherent ability to strongly bind to both native blood vessels and synthetic grafts, even in wet and moist conditions.
While her resume is both extensive and impressive, it is Sarah's dependability, accountability and inherent ability to believe in the good that comes from helping others that make her stand out from the rest.
Emirates Foundation believes in creation, inspiration and the inherent ability of youth to be the catalyst for positive change.
In this system, the inherent ability of pressurized SOFCs to increase voltage significantly is effectively utilized to enhance power generation efficiency.
In existence since 2007, the company works on a highly client-centric business delivery model, and is proud to possess a team of qualified and expert engineers who have the inherent ability to enhance value to its range of services.
goes far beyond simply lamenting the fact that dependence on GPS technology undermines the inherent ability and the cultivated skills by which humans have navigated their surroundings in times past.
She also wonders if food is an addiction and wrote on Facebook that people are simply not accessing our inherent ability to live on light.