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To receive property according to the state laws of intestate succession from a decedent who has failed to execute a valid will, or, where the term is applied in a more general sense, to receive the property of a decedent by will.

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v. to receive all or a portion of the estate of an ancestor upon his/her death, usually from a parent or other close relative pursuant to the laws of descent. Technically, one would "inherit" only if there is no will, but popularly it means any taking from the estate of a relative, including a wife or husband, by will or not. (See: descent and distribution, will, intestacy, intestate succession, heir, heiress)

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The figures do not include money inherited through the sale of property.
In all probability, your garrulous uncle who died and left you his social media account might have a bunch of people thirsting to punch his nose and his accounts might be flowing with hate mail that you may not be too keen to inherit.
'I can assure you that the number of cases is much, much lower than what I inherited when I came in,' she said.
The situation is similar in Sweden where 43.8 per cent of ultra high net worth individuals inherited their fortune.
Women were found to be around twice as likely to have inherited someone else's shares than men, which is likely to be partly due to women's longer life expectancies.
Retirement funds held in tax-exempt retirement accounts are protected in bankruptcy, some courts have ruled, and the funds in an Individual Retirement Account remain retirement funds even after they pass to a beneficiary and are held in an inherited IRA.
The inherited mutations by themselves are unlikely to cause ovarian cancer but may conspire with other genetic changes acquired over a woman's lifetime to tip the balance toward cancer, the researchers said.
I advised my client to meet with me prior to making any decisions with the inherited funds.
A beneficiary who earns $35,000 a year and inherits $85,000 in 401(k) money could find himself paying income tax of 25% rather than 15%.
The next Oregon AD will inherit a large stable of successful, competitive athletic teams.
We cannot inherit eternal life while investing in and clinging to the disease of Affluenza.
The goal: to create a new breed that carries the most desired traits, or inherited characteristics, of both its parents (see Nuts & Bolts, p.