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The mechanism that makes dynastic management less of a problem with high talent inheritability is simple.
The AMD kit provides information about inheritability of the disease--the fact that people who have family members with AMD are three times more likely to develop AMD than those with no AMD in their family histories.
in eugenics nor that the inheritability of criminal traits follows
adult learners in both groups identified cancer and its occurrence, treatment, and inheritability as their most pressing concern.
294 (2008) (eliminating the possession of the property for other than partnership purposes, the ability of assignment, attachment for the benefit of the creditors of an individual partner, and inheritability by the heirs of an individual partner).
Among other facts and a PreserVision sample, the kit provides information about the inheritability of AMD--the fact that those who have family members with the disease are three times more likely to develop it than those with no family history.
DIACAP also provides a much needed net-centric approach to security risk determination and evaluation with expanded inheritability options relating to information assurance (IA) controls between systems, networks, sites and enclaves.
Neo-Lamarckianism, the belief in the inheritability of at least some
The inheritability of the metabolic syndrome components in Latino children was also studied as it related to lipid metabolism.
Inheritability of a trait can be determined with heritability estimates by employing statistical models that quantify the degree of genetic versus environmental influences [Dempsey and Townsend, 2001].
Burgess, president, and Evans, director of marketing and sales, believed they had a sustainable and marketable business plan: provide computer network security and information technology (IT) management to small and mid-sized businesses with "three simple goals"--3SG-in mind: Value, Relationship and Inheritability.
This perspective emphasizes choice, voluntary participation, ownership, and inheritability.