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The bench accepted all the petitions involving cases of civil servants regarding only financial benefits and in its order declared legal heirs of civil servants will be illegible to plead case of their parents upon their demise which entailed financial benefits inheritable by the legal heirs.
The most recent Inheritance in Great Britain 2008/10 report found that a fifth of British inheritors received over three quarters of the overall amount of inheritable wealth from 2008-2010.
This edition adds 19 new chapters on topics like recent advances in cytogenetics and molecular biology, inheritable genetic variations predisposing to tumors, surgical strategies and intraoperative imaging, convection therapy, and gangliogliomas, dysembryoplastic neuroepithelial tumors, pleomorphic xanthoastrocytomas, atypical teratoid/rabdoid tumors, and chordomas/skull base tumors.
Our study is the largest investigation of the heritability of common foot disorders in older adults, confirming that bunions and lesser toe deformities are highly inheritable in Caucasian men and women of European descent," Dr.
THE controversial Marriage Laws ( Amendment) Bill, which aims at granting a woman a share in her husband's inherited and inheritable property, besides a pie in the property acquired by him during and after marriage, was referred to a Group of Ministers ( GoM) after sharp differences arose within the Union Cabinet on main provisions.
The deal here is in the incredible inheritable lease.
My answer is that he left us the notion that traits (including human diseases) can travel through generations as discrete, inheritable phenomena, and that this travel can fall into recognizable patterns.
Similarly, eye testing is useful to remove from the breeding pool those dogs with inheritable eye defects.
After screening for infectious diseases and inheritable and genetic conditions, sperm donors must be willing to give some time each week for three to six months, and keep in contact with the clinic for a year.
Jan Johanides: "Berlin poobede, o tristvrte na zimu" (Berlin in the Afternoon, at a Quarter to Winter) from Dedicny cervotoc (The Inheritable Woodworm) [c] 1998 by Jan Johanides.
His chapter examines the play's peculiar impulse toward stasis as the dramatization of its own disinvestment: "Shakespeare's dramatic challenge is to find something for us to do--something that might matter for us--in the wake of the disappearance of any persuasive difference between the conditions of exile and those that furnish the inheritable conditions of a livable life" (37).
And the FDA is issuing regulatory letters to five genetic test makers, the first sign that the government is cracking down on companies that claim to use DNA samples to predict inheritable diseases.