inherited characteristics

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She had once trifled with the psychology of animals, and still knew something about inherited characteristics.
They do this by looking at inherited characteristics like desire, cooperative nature, strong pointing instinct in pointing breeds, retrieving instinct, mental stability, and in some cases coat and conformation as a functional attribute.
The interaction of these genes determines your inherited characteristics including, in some cases, disorders or a susceptibility to disorders, such as cystic fibrosis, haemophilia, schizophrenia and some cancers.
Have about where does the student your students investigate the get her eye color or who does she inherited characteristics of look like the most are often very friends, neighbors, and other difficult for adopted child who might family members.
The inherited characteristics of number of microbes have shown excessive variation.
It would seem that biologically inherited characteristics impair our reason.
Most people who carry minor Thalassemia are unaware of its inherited characteristics, unless they have a specific blood test.
Turning to our old friend, the Framingham Heart Study, which recorded the medical histories of 14,000 people in the New England town, he found that inherited characteristics were closely related to family size.
These include: Morphology and anatomy - animal structure Embryology - reproduction and development Genetics and evolution - inherited characteristics Animal ecology and ecophysiology - the relationship between animals and their environment Ecotoxicology - the effects of pollutants on animals Behavioural studies.
They said that an offspring's characteristics were 'often' or 'predominantly' inherited from the parents, 'another family member' or 'up the family tree', or that inherited characteristics were as a result of 'mutations', the parents 'choosing' particular advantageous characteristics to pass on, or the individual developing characteristics in its lifetime.
However, during Reconstruction, civic nationalism, where "primary loyalty is given to common citizenship in a national state governing a specific territory" (8), trumped ethnic nationalism, "a condition where the underlying loyalty in a state is attached to a specific group of people based on the perceived awareness of singular inherited characteristics, such as language, customs, and history" (9).
Traits have come to be seen as consistent patterns of personality rather than inherited characteristics.

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