inherited lot

See: heritage
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Along with inheriting lots of needles, I inherited lots of yarn, most skeins of which no longer have labels.
Garry: I can''t remember the first album as I inherited lots of vinyl but I did tape Ghostbusters by Ray Parker Junior off the radio.
David Cameron inherited lots of political baggage from the 1980s which makes it tough for the Tories to win a hearing in northern cities," he wrote.
As husband Angus, the regional director of the Country Land & Business Association, is a descendent of Lord Admiral Collingwood, the couple have inherited lots of antique furniture and paintings.
He says: My wife Sheila and I have several grandchildren, because we also fostered, so have inherited lots of grandchildren too.
We have grown through acquisition, so we inherited lots of different organizational cultures," continued Langaas.
It's right to say that I have inherited lots of problems and I want to do anything that I can to solve those problems.

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