inherited rights

See: birthright
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inherited rights, critical and super user access, changes to roles are too much
Hameeda said that setting up of separate desk for women at police stations, protection of inherited rights of women, elimination of registration fee in inherited property, equal rights for women inb Junnah Abadies and Katchi Abadies, protection in jobs, appointment of women mohtsib, law of equal wages to women under international labour organization convention no 100,carrer development centers in universities etc are the steps taken by the Punjab government for welfare of women.
In a democracy it is the right of citizens to rebel against injustice, and violence cannot be excluded in protecting their inherited rights or protecting the nation from oppression instigated by outsiders or by the bad behaviour of misguided governments.
Councils across the land are then asked to break with the democratic principle of equal voting power and to give special inherited rights to such family groups.
The money has become the country's national deposit in the early 1990s upon declaring independence and when after the SFRY succession it inherited rights and money from the former federation.
As we individually reflect and pray for salvation from our sins in these remaining days and nights of Ramadan, let those living today and entrapped by worldly greed and who continue to do injustice to others and deny the inherited rights of others understand that there is still time to right their wrongs and beg the Almighty for atonement from eternal damnation.
It's believed the Allotment Association could comprise of just a handful of former gardeners - or even their sons and daughters - who inherited rights to the 60 plots but prefer to remain anonymous.
Instead, by the essay's end we are told that "for conservatives"--simply, and without further qualification--"the American Revolution does not mark an abrupt break with the politics of Britain or with an 'old world' of superstition and oppression, [but rather] the successful conservation of inherited rights by the American people.
Not only do Indigenous women face the routine dispossession of their inherited rights, lands, identities and families, they also face disenfranchisement from institutional and societal protections designed to protect them from violent predators.
Talking about the differences between ordinary people and those who are more privileged, could she explain to me why abolishing the voting rights of hereditary peers, taking away their inherited rights, does not undermine the very principle of an heredit ary Monarchy?
During the seventeenth century, Charles I sought to undermine the Magna Carta, claiming his inherited rights trumped its provisions.

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