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In his interview, Gul said both countries were the two inheritors of important states and emperorships.
Raised 1lb for that, Inheritor made full use of the extra two furlongs and a nice tow from two front-runners at Dunstall Park last month.
Thus, by this argument, Madalena, as the chief inheritor and administrator of Luis' estate, was obligated to honor Ana's claim.
This type of talk is anathema to the Chinese Communist Party, which is the inheritor of the only kind of Utopia recognized by Marxism.
of Reedsburg, WI, has developed tap handles and "bottle glorifiers" for City Brewing Company, inheritor of the G.
This article creates a different kind of mythology and positions the United Slates as an inheritor of the slaveholding republics of Greece and Rome.
It is therefore ironic and telling that Walter Reuther, the inheritor of social democratic politics, suffered defeat during the 1960s for the lack of more unions like the ones he helped eliminate.
And finally there was Mark Morris, inheritor and utilizer of virtually every tradition on view during the season, a one-man ocean into which it all flows.
Everyone is an inheritor [of AtatE-rk's legacy]," Candan said, adding the court approving all the co-plaintiff requests is proof that every Turkish citizen is an inheritor of the country's founder.
The decision was announced after the Qul of Bashir Bilour on Monday to go for the name of Barrister Haroon Bilour as legal and political inheritor of his father.
In the matter of diction and style, Faiz may be called the inheritor of the tradition of Ghalib.
Her grandson Devraj Singh, a Thai citizen and the inheritor of her property, organised an all faith meeting to remember her at her residence Lilypool on her first death anniversary.