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To receive property according to the state laws of intestate succession from a decedent who has failed to execute a valid will, or, where the term is applied in a more general sense, to receive the property of a decedent by will.


v. to receive all or a portion of the estate of an ancestor upon his/her death, usually from a parent or other close relative pursuant to the laws of descent. Technically, one would "inherit" only if there is no will, but popularly it means any taking from the estate of a relative, including a wife or husband, by will or not. (See: descent and distribution, will, intestacy, intestate succession, heir, heiress)

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Addressing the conference themed "Silk Road and Creating Joint Future with Asian Prospects" on Sunday in Beijing, Keshavarzzadeh reiterated that Iran is inheritor of a big and historic civilization and it has welcomed the Belt-and-Road Initiative within the framework of its peace-loving policies to contribute to international peace and security.
Wadi Hilweh Information Center quoted Nihad Siam, one of the inheritors, stressing that the family is going to appeal to High Court to stop the eviction proceedings until the Jerusalem District Court looks into its appeal against the eviction.
On being assigned a taxi number plate, RTA must pay Dh170,000 to the owner or inheritor of the number plate.
In Trifles, The Outside, Inheritors, and Springs Eternal, hope of amelioration arises from Glaspell's "dramatization of collaboration as an alternative to oppression.
Thirty-six percent of female inheritors said they had received no professional or family guidance at all.
Although the option is exercised separately, the option regarding the inheritance of the first deceased is not exercised in own name, but in place of their author and namely, of the latter deceased, by virtue of their capacity as its inheritors (Bunea, 2015: 12).
Wealth managers and private banks need to ensure they understand not only the needs of their HNW clients, but also those of their family members - future inheritors even if they are less wealthy at the moment.
Inheritors will pay the same rate on a $10,000 inheritance as on a $10 million one.
An inheritance certificate issued by a notary is based on the documentation provided by the birth certificate office, and it can be challenged if there are any other claims from inheritors or beneficiaries.
Army looks for new financing King Abdullah's inheritors escape paying "billions"..
The reports said the former Ninawa International, considered one of the northern city's best, was christened Al-Warithin (the inheritors), and was opened with a special luncheon banquet last week.
Summary: B-School students Nupur Bansal and VS Vaidyanathan debate whether or not inheritors make better CEOs than professional executives.