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Binding of the influenza virus NS1 protein to double-stranded RNA inhibits the activation of the protein kinase that phosphorylates the elF-2 translation initiation factor.
To our knowledge, whereas Cd(II) has been shown to inhibit a number of DNA repair enzymes, our studies are the first to identify a specific DNA repair protein target for lead.
3+] inhibits NO synthesis by endothelial cells, we investigated the effect of [As.
Further tests showed that acetaminophen inhibits this same variant, linking the drug to the prostaglandin-making pathway.
Maitotoxin, a calcium channel activator, inhibits cell cycle progression through the G1/S and G2/M transitions and prevents CDC2 kinase activation in [GH.
Though diets rich in vegetables inhibit cancer development, Talalay's group is one of the few to execute "the very difficult, nitty-gritty studies" of the mechanisms, says Lee W.
Yet tumors sometimes arise, and researchers are now finding evidence that the cells of those cancers have found ways to inhibit apoptosis, the process by which cells kill themselves (SN: 7/27/96, p.
While the Japanese researchers have not yet determined the chemical mechanism by which saponins inhibit alcohol absorption, they have divided the inhibiting compounds into three classes according to their chemical structure.