inhibit movement

See: fetter
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A splint can even be worn on the job, though this tends to inhibit movement, becoming more of a hindrance than a help.
The drug ropivacaine currently is being used to control a patient's pain following surgery or may be given with an epidural block to a pregnant woman for pain relief during labor because it does not inhibit movement as much as other local anesthetics.
High heels also inhibit movement of the ankle muscles and reduce step length and overall range of motions.
Called X1, the 57-pound device is a robot that a human could wear over his or her body either to assist or inhibit movement in leg joints.
On the practical side, the Tee has an inner bust liner for extra support and is made from a flexible, stretchy material that doesn't inhibit movement.
This restricts movement around the damaged area, leading to a build-up of scar tissue that can eventually inhibit movement.
They had previously linked this brain area to deciding to inhibit movement.