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In total, evidence suggests that certain environmental metals elicit their carcinogenic and/or neurodestructive effects by inducing oxidative damage (particularly true for iron via the Fenton reaction) and inhibiting repair processes (Hartwig et al.
The way NSAIDs inhibit the formation of prostaglandins is by inhibiting their precursor enzymes, cyclooxygenase (COX).
Researchers at the University of Illinois showed in preliminary laboratory and animal studies that the substance, resveratrol, which is prominent in the skin of grapes, may interfere with the development of cancer on several levels: by blocking the action of carcinogens, inhibiting the initiation and promotion of tumors, and causing precancerous cells to revert to normal.
In additional studies, CT-2576 was highly effective at inhibiting the growth of a clinical isolate of HIV in fresh human blood mononuclear cells.
4] produces pulmonary vasoconstriction by inhibiting NOS activity have several clinical implications.
Other researchers have identified compounds that prevent XIAP from inhibiting some of the caspases.
Therefore, scientists believe that inhibiting angiogenesis, or blood vessel growth, is a potential anti-cancer therapy.
Moreover, the data indicated that CT-2576 inhibits IL-2 induced proliferation in CT6, as well as inhibiting proliferation of conA or anti-CD3 primed mouse thymocytes in response to IL-2 (50% inhibitory concentration (IC50) in the range of 200-850 nanomolar).
INGN 241 is a tumor suppressor that has been shown to have potent anti-angiogenic activity and works by inhibiting the production of a key blood vessel growth protein termed vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF).
Rapamycin regulates a myriad of diverse cellular functions at the level of transcription and translation by inhibiting TOR.
He's now adding acetaminophen to his trial to test whether it, too, reduces prostaglandins, in this case by inhibiting COX-3.
Several large pharmaceuticals companies are also working with this treatment principle and there are early clinical studies showing positive results from inhibiting cathepsin K.