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The investigators then attempted to identify the components in the fraction that were more effective in inhibiting lipid oxidation.
In total, evidence suggests that certain environmental metals elicit their carcinogenic and/or neurodestructive effects by inducing oxidative damage (particularly true for iron via the Fenton reaction) and inhibiting repair processes (Hartwig et al.
2] was killing the parasite by inhibiting TbcatB, the researchers interfered with the cellular mechanisms that underlie TbcatB's manufacture.
4] produces pulmonary vasoconstriction by inhibiting NOS activity have several clinical implications.
Other researchers have identified compounds that prevent XIAP from inhibiting some of the caspases.
Rapamycin regulates a myriad of diverse cellular functions at the level of transcription and translation by inhibiting TOR.
These in vitro results indicate that arsenite is capable of suppressing relaxation in blood vessels by inhibiting eNOS activity in endothelial cells and by impairing the relaxation machinery in smooth muscle cells.
He's now adding acetaminophen to his trial to test whether it, too, reduces prostaglandins, in this case by inhibiting COX-3.