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Both maturation inhibitors and protease inhibitors block viral maturation and cause new virus particles to be non-infectious.
The approval of the fusion inhibitor T-20 (enfuvirtide, Fuzeon) now means that there are 4 classes of drugs available.
There was a period in the mid '90s when protease inhibitors were being developed, and they got through so fast--the first human trials and [Food and Drug Administration] approval were two to three years," says David Gilden, former director of treatment information for the American Foundation for AIDS Research.
C1 esterase inhibitor concentrate has recently become available outside Europe, where it has become the therapy of choice for life-threatening attacks.
As an alternative to NSAIDs, the potential market for cox-2 inhibitors is enormous.
But 908 certainly is interesting in the same way that Kaletra is interesting, because not only is it very potent, but also if you do get viral escape and rebound, boosted protease inhibitors including 908 plus low-dose ritonavir did help protect from resistance not only to the protease inhibitors, but also to the other drugs in the regimen.
Efflux-pump inhibitors might also make some microbes that are intrinsically drug resistant vulnerable to antibiotics, he says.
In addition, integrase inhibitors represent a relatively new class of compounds that has not had a long history of clinical research and development.
The DPP-IV inhibitor program comprises several distinct chemical series which are protected by a very solid and diverse IP estate.
More than twice the percentage of patients achieved this drop in the tipranavir arm than in the comparison protease inhibitor arm, so tipranavir was deemed to have proven efficacy.
It also raises the possibility that environmental exposure to a class of compounds known as proteasome inhibitors explains some cases of Parkinson's in people.

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