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The Kutch area on India's western flank in Gujarat is one of the most inhospitable terrains for security forces in the country as the marshy land and salty water in the area makes human survival difficult.
It is also a projection of the fact that the IAF is capable of operating in such inhospitable terrain in support of the Indian Army.
Ram Niwas, a top police official in Chhattisgarh state, would not give details about Monday's search operations but says government troops are working in the "inhospitable terrain" to hunt down those responsible for the attack, according to a report of the Associated Press.
Every garden should have a pond, yet at this time of year they can look so inhospitable and cold.
The frozen wastes of Siberia are famously inhospitable and were a favourite location to which Soviet governments would banish their enemies and victims.
As the snowy clad wind penetrates even the sturdiest of garments, laughing children remain oblivious to the biting wind, which adults find inhospitable and coarse.
You'll quickly find townships may be inhospitable to your desires, yet they cave under the weight of potential litigation from a Wal-Mart-sized entity.
Summary: Scientists have managed to film living things in one of the most inhospitable spots in the deep ocean.
You might be tempted to use your iPad or other tablet in inhospitable places, like a dusty workshop, greasy garage or doughy kitchen.
I understand the James Cook Hospital was to be sited at Middlehaven, this proposal was soon put aside when it was realised the site was contaminated and probably the most inhospitable area on Teesside, cold and desolate.
Dodging aliens on an inhospitable planet is nothing new as storylines go, but the reason Another World has assumed such cult status is the way it went about challenging gamers to fulfil this fairly obvious objective.
The planets, which are notoriously hard to detect, are known as WASP-12 and HAT-P-20, are of similar size to Jupiter and are extremely inhospitable.