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Foreign Ministry Spokesman Seyed Abbas Mousavi extended his condolences to the Afghan people and government as well as the family members of the victims of the inhumane act, and described the culprits behind the attack as enemies of humanity, peace, security and stability of Afghanistan.
Sejdic was acquitted, after a three-year trial, of the unlawful arrest of Serb civilians from the village of Bucje in the Gorazde municipality in July 1992, their forced displacement, inhumane treatment and torture, as well as the pillaging of their property.
The Alternatives to Detention Act provides a better, more humane alternative to the inhumane practice of mass detention.
"The Israeli government is fully responsible for the untimely death of Faris Baroud and the inhumane treatment he was subjected to for nearly three decades," she said in a press release.
On October 13, Sayyadi-Nasiri went on a hunger strike to protest inhumane prison conditions and to demand legal counsel, according to a friend who asked not to be identified.
Is this one of the reasons why the Tories are seeking a hard Brexit, which will decouple us from the European Court of Human Rights, leaving us exposed to right-wing politicians imposing inhumane practices on families?
You need to ask is this one of the reasons why theTories are seeking a hard Brexit which will de-couple us from the European Court of Human Rights, leaving us exposed to these nasty right WINGTORIEs imposing inhumane practices on families.
"Their living conditions are inhumane. In many respect, it's hard to imagine human beings living like this," EU Parliament Member Rina Ronja Kari said in a video posted on a Copenhagen-based online news platform.
This is evident from fact that after being taken as prisoner by India in during 1965 ware and going through inhumane torture for 40 years in Indian jails, he never uttered a single word against his country.
In process he has been beaten, tortured and treated in an inhumane, degrading and cruel manner in an attempt to make him sign a confession, he says.
A politician has repeated calls for the UK Government to scrap what he labelled its"inhumane, ineffective and immoral" approach towards immigration detention.
Karen Cowles, president of the Benidorm British Business Association, told the Star: "What they have done to this man is utterly inhumane and akin to abuse.