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The statement strongly condemned this inhumane and unethical behavior of the puppet administration and police towards the hapless refugees and demanded their immediate release.
Success on these tracks would put an end to inhumane acts against Syrian people, the minister noted.
Garment makers could select among countries that offer fair wages, safe workplaces; unions call for global costs for brands that tolerate inhumane conditions
TUNIS, July 4, 2014 (TAP)- Tunisia condemned the inhumane practices by the Israeli occupier in the Palestinian territories, reasserting its support to the Palestinian brotherly people.
To treat a person in such a fragile state like this is completely inhumane.
I omitted the suffix inhumane in the edited version, but unfortunately the technical team sent the unedited version for publishing.
RAWALPINDI -- Principal of Govt Degree College For Women Dhok Elahi Baksh has made the life of students miserable through her abusive language and inhumane punishments.
Aguai who still bears torture scars told reporters he explained to the judge that victims have faced the most odious degrading and inhumane practices while Sdani Malainine, daughter of the late El Wali Seikh Slama, stressed "it is a historic day for the Polisario victims who have endured the plight of the Tindouf camps and who want the Spanish and international public opinion to be aware that inhumane practices are still the rule in these camps.
Islamic Republic of Iran's Foreign Ministry issued a statement to honor the martyrs of the Iranian civilian airliner which was shot down on July 3, 1988 by US navy and sympathize with the survivors of the inhumane disaster.
Eva Mendes uses a shock collar on her dog, but don't judge her or call her inhumane.
Australia's livestock export sector has never been at a more precarious situation as the industry battles brutal and inhumane ways that the animal imports undergo in other countries.
N'DJAMENA (CyHAN)- An international human rights advocacy group says that prisoner's conditions in Chad are appalling and inhumane, saying that "a prison sentence risks becoming a death sentence.