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They accused the authorities of treating them inhumanely and said they will start a hunger strike on Monday, followed by a peaceful protest on Tuesday.
When his demands are not met, the students are punished inhumanely.
Recently there was a furore when a rat was killed inhumanely on TV.
The Gaza-based human rights organization Al Dameer said it received a series of complaints from Gazans who said they were tortured, beaten, and treated inhumanely in a Hamas precinct while under custody on Jan.
Millions of creatures are killed, captured or traded inhumanely.
And remember, if you treat others inhumanely, you only dehumanise yourself.
Vesko Krstajic, the chief judge, said: "The defendants are guilty because they killed, tortured and inhumanely treated the war prisoners.
We express strong indignation and condemnation to the terrorist deed of the kidnappers, in which they inhumanely killed unarmed Chinese people,'' Jiang said.
acknowledged that two employees shown in a secretly taped video treated cows inhumanely, including using a forklift and electric prods to get them to stand.
Gumula said Mepkin's egg operation is "not a blight, and we're not treating them inhumanely, and for [Friedrich] to say that, I'm sorry, it's not based on reality.
Lance Corporal Wayne Crowcroft (22) and Private Darren Fallon (23) both of the QLR, were both cleared of treating Iraqis inhumanely - a charge brought, for the first time against British servicemen, under the International Criminal Court Act 2001.
We will not support anyone who takes advantage ecologically, economically or inhumanely," says Savage.