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He said: "The people who worked in the slave trade - people who kept going a system of inhumanity - were people like you and me.
Their answer to the meat question is decidedly different from Pollan's, though all agree about the inhumanity of our current industrial agricultural system's treatment of animals.
The real value of Carr's book is not uncovering that her grandfather was a member of the Klan or the deep wellspring of white apathy and inhumanity that fostered this race crime.
Romero's zombie films comment upon man's cruelty and inhumanity to man, as well as the degeneration of the social contract into the strong devouring the weak into ruthless individual anarchy.
His novel, Andersonville, so vividly depicted the starvation, squalor and casual brutalities of the Confederate military prison that ever since it has symbolized man's needless inhumanity to man.
But again, Patterson connects Hurston only peripherally to these instances through her work, and in some cases, has her disappear in entire discussions of the hidden horrors and ordinary inhumanity of the New South.
The most immediate and apparent inhumanity is the overcrowding that Africa's broken justice systems breed, compounded by disease, filth, abuse, and a lack of food, soap, beds, clothes, or recreation.
But, as these portfolios show, both were also subsequently swayed from any faith in the creative possibilities of destruction and violence, dedicating themselves instead to a grisly indictment of the depravity and inhumanity they had witnessed.
She rarely tries to excuse the excesses, superficiality and inhumanity, but ends in hope, quoting I.
Ultimately a parable about the violence, greed and fanaticism that prevent humanity for advancing in its spiritual goals, Voices of the Living Grail is a suspenseful, engaging, and vividly told novel that embraces the virtues of true spirituality even as it ponders higher mysteries, as well as the crueller mortal mysteries concerning man's inhumanity to man in the name of God.
The students believe that the occupation leads to inhumanity, infringes on the right to life, and contributes nothing to the security of the Israeli state and its citizens.
Foreign films alone reveal this lasting English inhumanity.