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Through these few words, I endorse Ch Shujat Hussain's quite practical and timely suggestion that the culprits who brutally molested Zainab inhumanly should be apprehended, tried by a special court summarily and hanged publicly in Kasur.
This was just as he reiterated the state administration's commitment to creating institutions that would serve the people satisfactorily always, charging those in the handling of the Safety Arena to ensure that members of the public were not be treated inhumanly at any time their duties were being performed.
Earlier, at a meeting held on the premises of the hospital, the paramedics' association president Tariq Sardar along with Dr Attaur Rehman of YDA and others announced to observe strike for three days against DHO Dr Taus Khan for what they called treating doctors and paramedics inhumanly.
Every culture needs its inhumanly idealized pop versions of its past, I suppose, whether Lincoln or Gone With the Wind.
Mufti Qavi is just one amongst manyWhilst the entire nation is glued to their televisions, radio sets and newspapers awaiting the fate of the on going prosecution against the Shareef(s), in the meanwhile the parents of the demised Fauzia Azeem (aka Qandeel Baloch) patiently face the judicial saga in hope of justice for their inhumanly slayed daughter.
The good news is that he did cut back on his inhumanly hectic work schedule, and does fewer shows these days.
But if "Operation Meteor" takes flight, the cost in innocent lives could be inhumanly staggering
Although this advanced digital era has made us very interconnected globally, easing our daily life in many ways, it's creating a "digital tyranny" in a ferocious way to the extent that life in the 21st century becomes inhumanly unappealing.
We're moving from opinion-based assessment of the data to evidence-based assessment, and we're using high-dimensionality algorithms to give us inhumanly good actuarial predictions in the automotive industry, in the airline industry, risk industry and also in the health industry," Jacobstein added.
In the poetic process of Battle Pattern and the letter, the inhumanly long-ranging technology of naval warfare becomes flesh and blood, thought and feeling, in Whalley's verse and prose.
Till then neither the accused persons had been nabbed nor any enquiry to that effect has been conducted by the government in power through their investigating agencies and remained as sphinx to the inhumanly bestiality shown by the activists of the Bajrang Dal in killing people and hiding the dead bodies in the dense forest and at the same time successfully manipulating the press report to project before the public at large that everything is under control and no barbarity was being committed by the rioters.
Yet there are still theories that the Kim regime, brutal and inhumanly cruel though it may be, desperately wants peace with America and the rest of the Korean peninsula.