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He said while the security of the tribal areas has been improved with efforts now focused on solidifying the western border, inimical forces are attempting to destabilise Balochistan.
From the 18th amendment, to conspiratorial inimical forces, to the actual changes deplored, the former Prime Minister was off the mark on each issue.
'It is inimical to fair trial; it is inimical to defendants to have their case expeditiously tried.
This situation obviously impacts negatively on our national sovereignty, territorial integrity and is inimical to our national interest," read the petition.
Clamour for revenge and surcharged atmosphere should not determine the formulation of a credible strategy to deal with internal and external forces inimical to the country.
He also said Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik led state government is aACoedevelopment inimical.aACA[yen]
New Delhi: Army chief Gen Bipin Rawat on Tuesday warned Pakistan that India will not hesitate in carrying out strong action against inimical moves, asserting that its forces were giving enemies along the Line of Control a "befitting reply" and inflicting heavy losses.
Lapuz said the agency got the idea from countries like India, which has the power to shut down social media applications that are deemed 'inimical to the national interest.'
'We are target of inimical forces working against Pakistan.
We as a nation have stood up to the challenges of terrorism and extremism and shall defeat all inimical forces undeterred,' he added.
Disobeying court orders is inimical to the rule of law, Chief Justice David Maraga has said.
" Such a senseless attack is a desperate attempt by the elements inimical to peace to derail the peace efforts of the government and subvert the rejuvenating economic activity in the state," the chief minister said.