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The inimitability and nonsubstitutability of behavioral intention is also suggested to be present, since the conviction associated with intention may require some time to be generated following complex pathways.
Inimitability was met if one of the three conditions (path dependence, social complexity, or ambiguity) ?
This ambiguity and inimitability are reasons it can serve as a firm distinctive competency (Roberts & Dowling, 2002).
Inimitability, if any, in this industry, can be achieved by lending causal ambiguity to the service process i.
Finally, market orientation will have more value and exhibit greater rarity and inimitability when it is complemented by other resources and capabilities, such as innovativeness (Menguc, Auh 2006).
The valuation dimension is comprised of the Barney's (1991) rare (R) and valuable (V) concepts of the valuable, rare, inimitability and nonsubstitutability (VRIN) properties.
Given that the essence of the RBV is on creating a sustained competitive advantage, potentially generated by the human resources of an organisation, it is argued that universities should consider the following: determine whether their ageing academic workforce meet the criteria of value, rarity, inimitability and nonsubstitutability, all of which are vital attributes as a source of sustained competitive advantage.
39) After the first two centuries of Islam, Muslim scholars began to reject the use of biblical traditions in explaining the Qur'an, due to Christian polemical pressure, (40) the development of the doctrine of the Qur'an's inimitability ('Ijaz, "uniqueness"), (41) and the application of more stringent criteria for ascertaining a sound (sahih) "chain of transmission" (isnad) for such information.
Third, our explication of MNC multiplicity as a complex web of social-identity frames and the social interactions between them suggests that they may be an important source of not only knowledge creation, but also inimitability due to the social complexity at hand (Barney 1991).
However, two separate studies have highlighted the inimitability of Gharo or in general Sindh for maximum exploitation of wind resources.
A wealth of literature has highlighted the importance of positive corporate reputation as a means of a enhancing a company's financial value, influencing intention to buy, acting as a mechanism for assuring product/service quality, influencing customer loyalty and offering inimitability to the company during an economic crisis (Helm 2007).
They have also claimed that this relationship is moderated by the innovation characteristics such as rarity, value, and inimitability.