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Rendered by the inimitable Mika Singh and Kera Ghoshal (former Sa Re Ga Ma contestant) from India, the song is soft on the ears and yet lively.
DAILY RECORD Thursday, October 10, 2013 DAILY RECORD Thursday, October 10, THE with Bev Lyons and Clemmie Moodie Rita Reets going extra smile RITA Ora has her own inimitable way of hailing a cab - but actually, she's flogging a new line of make-up for Rimmel.
Billed as a flyon-the-wall documentary (but sometimes coming across as a The Officestyle comedy), The Call Centre follows the inimitable management style of Nev Wilshire (pictured), who heads the third largest call centre in Swansea.
Traditional Spring seven pack: Seven beautifully wrapped chocolate slims featuring Racey Helps imagery, made from the finest inimitable House of Dorchester milk chocolate.
IF ever I've built up a backlog of emotion and need to get it all out, I grab my iPod and select Moon River sung by the inimitable Andy Williams.
By track two, It's Time, the fourth member of the band has added his inimitable voice to these other similarly inimitable ones.
WIN CARRY On's inimitable Sid James is Citizen James in the hilarious early 1960s BBC comedy, which is out to buy on DVD tomorrow.
Part of the answer is that Collins is renowned for his characterizations, as well as his inimitable storytelling.
WHAT a pleasure to read Alastair Down (April 26) paying tribute to the incomparable talents of a truly extraordinary man, the inimitable Tony McCoy.
We watch the young Sontag's complex self-awareness, share in her encounters with the writers who informed her thinking and engage with the profound challenge of writing itself--all filtered through the inimitable details of everyday life.
GAVIN HENSON will celebrate sending the soar-away Ospreys to a second successive Twickenham final in his own inimitable fashion - by having an overdue haircut.