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In this context, a festival celebrating the films produced in an inimitably Indian way, coinciding with the Pravasi Bharatiya Divas, was just a matter of time.
Yet Collingwood (105 not out) marked his record-breaking 171st ODI appearance - one more than England's previously most prolific, Alec Stewart - in inimitably artisan but winning style.
I was pleasantly surprised, then, to find that despite all this, there was much light yet to be shed and that Levant's book, in addition to serving as a platform for his inimitably brash approach, filled in a number of gaps and exposed various lesser-known outrages admirably.
Still, however finely veined with traces of Montale the poems in this volume are, they are also inimitably and quintessentially Magrellian.
Still, smiles all round, from the organisers as the event, hosted inimitably by EdJames of Heart FM, raised nearly pounds 3,000 for Mencap.
Geoff Cousins, UK managing director of Jaguar Cars, said: "Goodwood is inimitably British and I believe the ideal location for Jaguar to begin celebrating 60 years of the stunning XK sports car.
A television crew documented the opening of the new shop and praised not only the special process of manufacturing and the 'secret recipe,' but also the 'unique' taste of the inimitably soft doughnuts.
The inimitably cool Roisin Murphy promises to dazzle and joining the charismatic song - stress will be the Simian Mobile Disco.
He shows us how Schulz's sense of vocation as a young child, fueled by a fierce ambition, led him to the career he'd always wanted, and how he gradually assimilated a host of influences to find a voice that was inimitably his own.
But in timely - and also timeless - fashion there is another holiday staple out there in the form of Eli Manning, who inimitably plays the role of the drunken uncle; things are never perfect, there's the constant threat of everything falling apart in fits of tears and shattered dreams, but there are enough good times to ensure you never quite cut ties completely.
As a stylist," wrote Duncan, "Frazier was inimitably individualistic, one of a kind.