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INIQUITY. Vice; contrary to equity; injustice.
     2. Where, in a doubtful matter, the judge is required to pronounce, it is his duty to decide in such a manner as is the least against equity.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Such is completely evil, iniquitous and unpardonable.'
Francis warned that lofty ideals would not suffice as iniquitous distribution generates violence in one form or another.
SNP Work and Pensions Spokesperson Eilidh Whiteford MP said: "The bedroom tax is an iniquitous measure which has a disproportionate impact on disabled people - and should be completely abolished.
Much against my nature I am going plead with those councillors who have any love for this great city of ours to vote against this iniquitous venture.
This of course would include the abandonment of the grossly-outdated, unfair and iniquitous Barnett Formula which distributes the UK tax take around the country, and ensures that Scotland in particular, receives a massive subsidy from England, thus allowing it to provide, for example, free university education for its own students, and those from Europe, but spitefully not to those from the rest of the UK, free care in residential homes, free NHS prescriptions, free use of hospital car parks, and so on.
eir spokesman then majors on the dumping of garden waste which is apparently caused by iniquitous residents who should follow the lead of 47,000 households that have agreed to pay the additional council tax for a wheelie bin.
That means they must pay extra rent to save themselves from attack - such a monstrous idea that even Iain Duncan Smith, the minister responsible, ought to see how iniquitous it is.
WIRRAL COUNCIL'S director for transformation and resources Joe Blott is disappointed that David Steene won his appeal against the iniquitous bedroom tax (ECHO Wirral edition, March 7).
Plaid group had requested a series of actions to protect people and for the council to look at ways of mitigating this iniquitous tax.
They also said the FYUP was hurriedly implemented and alleged that it will have " divisive and iniquitous implications".
We are appealing, not just for the Barbados rum industry but the CARIFORUM rum industry in general [for] our governments take this issue very, very seriously and seek to have dialogue with the United Sates government, with a view to resolving what we feel is an iniquitous and pernicious use of subsidies for multinational spirit companies and their rum production.