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It is iniquitous that at this serious time Sobs has to concentrate not on saving mutuals but on saving ourselves.
Sorry, Martin, the iniquitous party system that put you there will see you off.
Perhaps she has written to the UK Government to express her frustration over the iniquitous Assembly block grant.
After all we got rid of the iniquitous domestic rate system.
Just before the election I wrote to the First Minister regarding the iniquitous council tax, pointing out that since 1997 my council tax had increased from pounds 44 to pounds 123 (an increase of just under pounds 100).
She said: "I find in iniquitous that a small council like ours should bear the huge costs of an inquiry.
He was there in October 1968 when the people of Derry rose up against the iniquitous laws that deprived the majority Catholic population of votes, jobs and homes.
It may not be too late for a new Assembly government to put right this iniquitous situation.
We therefore advise the people of South Shields, Stanley, Shildon and Jarrow to treat this iniquitous little survey with a generous pinch of salt.
And Mr Robertson said: "Forsyth's place in Scottish history has been guaranteed by the iniquitous imposition of the Poll Tax.
Of all the UK regions, poor Wales has been the subject of this iniquitous process.
Its central demand for a review of the iniquitous Barnett Formula coupled with a major injection of investment in transport infrastructure is, in our view, unanswerable.