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INIQUITY. Vice; contrary to equity; injustice.
     2. Where, in a doubtful matter, the judge is required to pronounce, it is his duty to decide in such a manner as is the least against equity.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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This is justified by insisting that the countries of the "South" should remain stuck at their present level of development, otherwise they would benefit from "iniquitously preferential" treatment.
175, Saint-Saens is admired for having rescued the memory of Liszt as a writer of orchestral music, a reputation that was for a while respectfully, but iniquitously, 'covered' under the laurels of the Romantic pianist.
As with Hitler's appeal to the Aryan race, the basic principle was one of flattery: women, it revealed, are a marvelously talented set of people who have been iniquitously suppressed by males running a patriarchal system.
Others holding immoral views or who behave iniquitously in their private and/or public lives can demonstrate greatness in their chosen sphere.
"These procedures of inquisition are archaic, secret and iniquitously loaded against the subject," the author said.
She noted in her 1964 autobiography that the Tamil workers were iniquitously employed and that their wives, while they might look attractive in the gaily coloured saris, were 'too physically debilitated to feed their babies'.(57) She found the huts where the natives lived `an offence to the eye' in the beautiful surroundings--for reasons other than that they spoilt the view.