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Was it all just physical and once the initial heat wore off both Ernesto and Eva both realized that they had precious little in common?
Alternatively, the results of the simplified model can be translated as input to a CFD model such that the initial heat release rate of the CFD model is sufficiently large to be insensitive to many model grid resolution issues.
The universe went through an initial heat wave more than 13 billion years ago when energy from early massive stars ionized cold interstellar hydrogen from the big bang.
The initial heat range of 800[degrees]C was exceeded in a period of six hours.
All these factors lead to an air conditioning system which is no longer fit for purpose, since the building's initial heat loads can have increased significantly.
The initial heat pump cost is about $4,000, Pratt said.
In most of the whitetail's range, only a small percentage of does will not get bred on their initial heat period that generally occurs in November.
After all, last year at the Pinewood Derby race, our car had finished a distant third in the initial heat of the yearly Boy Scout competition.
Swift Bravo, who won for the Birchfield promoter Maurice Buckland trained by his son Stuart at Monmore, hopefully sets out on the double trail in the initial heat.
Even in the very early days, the initial heat treatment of the leaf was adopted as the basic step in manufacture.
When the effective heat source area (x by y) at the bottom of the die is determined, it is used as the initial heat source area for calculation of Rth of the next layer in the model.

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