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adjective basic, beginning, commencing, early, elementary, embryonic, first, fundamental, inaugural, inchoate, incipient, initiative, initiatory, introductory, leading, maiden, nascent, opening, original, prefatory, primal, primary, primus, pristine, rudimentary, starting
Associated concepts: initial carrier, initial fault, initial license, initial loss, initial payment, initial pleading, initial stage of a proceeding
See also: designation, first appearance, inchoate, incipient, indorse, original, preliminary, preparatory, previous, primary, prime, rudimentary, sign, symbol, unprecedented

INITIAL. Placed at the beginning. The initials of a man's name are the first letters of his Dame; as, G. W. for George Washington. When in a will the legatee is described by the initials of his name only, parol evidence may be given to prove his identity. 3 Ves. 148. And a signature made simply with initials is binding. 1 Denio, R. 471. But see Ersk. Inst. B. 3, t. 2, n. 8.

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Among facilities with raised targets, Nissan's Tochigi plant in Kaminokawa, Tochigi Prefecture, will build about 16,000 vehicles, while the Kyushu plant in Kanda, Fukuoka Prefecture, will aim for about 43,000 units, both over 10 percent more than the initial plan.
MU), Japan's largest bank, and Morgan Stanley (NYSE: MS) have decided to change some of their initial plans to create a new securities firm by merging their brokerage units in Japan, Dow Jones has reported citing a person familiar with the matter.
The initial plan for Safecell was a data service only, and now by adding a VoIP module, creates a whole new opportunity.
The initial plan calls for extending the existing truck bypass from lanes north to Calgrove Boulevard in Newhall.
The extension project is estimated to cost some 33 billion yen, about double the initial plan.
More than a year ago, the Planning Commission rejected Hillcrest's initial plan, saying it was ``fatally flawed'' because of traffic and parking problems.
65 million units, up 80,000 units from the initial plan, it said.
The initial plan was to re-landscape an area, but the parents and teachers got together and really took it to the next level," said Mark Borst, president of Borst Landscape and Design.
Our initial plan was to cut down the snags because of liability, but we also realized how important they were as habitat for cavity nesters," says West.
Both the state Public Utilities Commission and Metrolink opposed an initial plan to locate the facility east of San Fernando Road near the former Keysor-Century plastics plant in Saugus because the plan would increase traffic at a railroad crossing near Drayton Road.

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