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9 percent, a tad better than an initially forecast decline of 37.
9) To date, the most reliable animal model of hydrops has been the guinea pig, the model initially described by Kimura and Schuknecht.
Supreme Court initially recognized the open-transaction method in Burnet v.
While actual industry sales closing ratios are difficult to track and a closely guarded competitive secret, you will probably need 1,600 to 2,000 qualified leads initially to fill an 80-unit community.
Initially, national competitors will initiate price wars with regional competitors.
While the government gambled on daughters dying before their investment matured, investors gambled on the price of the Monte credits in which they had to make their investment and later receive the dowry (devaluation initially improving interest rates for those who held them and then incurring at least a 5% loss in the value of the dowry when it was repaid).
The NutraSweet Company initially tried to bypass FDA's usual approval process, contending that Simplesse must, by deinition, be safe, because all of its ingredients are considered "Generally Recognized As Safe" (GRAS) by FDA.
1) In a recently published retrospective study, Bouchard et al found that three of 100 patients with CIDP initially had acute-onset Guillain-Barre syndrome; this was followed by a slow progression of CLDP in two of these patients and a relapsing-remitting course in the third.
This new "DART" method--which refers to "Days Away, Restricted or Transferred Rate--will initially have limited use.
93-86 provides that, if employment away from home in a single location initially is realistically expected to last for one year or less but at some later date the employment is realistically expected to exceed one year, it will be treated as temporary (in the absence of facts and circumstances indicating otherwise) until the date that the realistic expectation changes.