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INITIATE. A right which is incomplete. By the birth of a child, the husband becomes tenant by the curtesy initiate, but his estate is not consummate until the death of the wife. 2 Bouv. Inst. n. 1725.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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'BOTCHED CIRCUMCISION'Referring to the botched circumcision where 11 boys are said to have gone for the cut for a second time at Wanjengi village in Kiharu, Mr Chomba blamed the church for the error, saying the initiates mothers' took them to the church and even went for them, which is against the Kikuyu traditions."The women should never be seen near the initiates but in this case the boys even showed the mother's their organ which in Kikuyu tradition is a taboo," he claimed.
Programme trainers were chosen selectively from the community, reflecting the traditional method of choosing older Meru men to pass on the "ways of men" to the new initiates during their seclusion period.
This process will automatically initiate the recovery software to read the tape and locate the first image set.
A "preauthorized electronic fund transfer" under Regulation E is one authorized by the consumer in advance of a transfer that will take place on a recurring basis, at substantially regular intervals, and will require no further action by the consumer to initiate the transfer.
(2) Concededly, where there are two (or more) permissible methods of accounting for an item, and in connection with an examination the taxpayer discovers that it is employing a suboptimal method, the IRS might properly decline to exercise its authority to initiate a change in method in the tax years under examination.
The inclusive vision of santeras Asunta Serrano, Mercedes Nobels, Juana Manrique, along with Babalawo Pancho Mora, helped embrace African American initiates. In the Harlem community, African Americans discovered the gods of Africa at their back doors.
1-8 illustrate the continuity when the point guard initiates the offense with a pass to a wing.
* Using ACH, taxpayers must initiate payments at least one day prior to the tax due date.
Moreover, if the taxpayer initiates the EFT payment on a timely basis but events beyond its control prevent the timely receipt of funds by the state's bank or fiscal agent, no penalty should be imposed.
In an ESCON world, there is no concept of a device suddenly waking up and deciding to initiate a data transfer.
These payment methods have been made available to depositors in response to concerns that many companies will not have the information available to initiate a tax deposit on the day prior to its due date.
Under the other method (the ACH Credit method), the taxpayer must contact its financial institution to initiate the EFT to a government account.