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5 for biaxial tensile stress, the crack initiation angle first increases and then decreases with the increasing of crack inclination, and the error between the presented criterion and the MTS and T criteria is very small.
self-testing available on request in the community, with antiretroviral initiation at home and delivery of medication and monitoring by community health workers at home, for the first two weeks of treatment
Intervals with initiations were compared within and across students with disabilities; initiation levels were also contrasted to typically developing peers within a playgroup.
4) This is of concern because the early initiation of substance use increases the risk for future mortality, morbidity--including depression--and other problems such as delinquent behaviour, school dropout, social impairment, and legal problems.
Glomerular filtration rate (eGFR) is a test that describes the flow rate of fluid going through the kidneys and is associated with early dialysis initiation.
A university has launched an investigation into a humiliating initiation ceremony where a student dressed in Nazi uniform presides over heavy drinking, it was revealed last night.
Initiation of an e-mail newsletter service, which will deliver the quarterly newsletter, "For the Record," directly to members' e-mail accounts
Many high-stress professions have initiation rituals for newcomers and use hazing and pranks as a way to blow off steam and bind a community, experts say.
However, also showed an inverse association between alcohol initiation use and higher levels of scholastic achievement, school engagement, and global self-esteem.
In this sample, sexual initiation between survey waves was predicted by the proportion of a youth's friends who were sexually experienced and by teenagers' belief that they gain their friends' respect by having sex.
In the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, mandalas are created for rituals of initiation in which a highly qualified teacher grants permission to advanced disciples to engage in the tantric meditation practices.
Though different, both catechumens and candidates enter the Catholic Church through a process known as the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA).