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A process of a participatory democracy that empowers the people to propose legislation and to enact or reject the laws at the polls independent of the lawmaking power of the governing body.

The purpose of an initiative, which is a type of election commenced and carried out by the people, is to permit the electorate to resolve questions where their elected representatives fail to do so or refuse to proceed with a change that the public desires.

See: initial, original, overture, preparatory, rudimentary

INITIATIVE, French law. The name given to the important prerogative given by the charte constitutionelle, art. 16, to the late king to propose through his ministers projects of laws. 1 Toull. n. 39. See Veto.

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Towey played a key role in using the 'faith-based' initiative for improper partisan purposes, and he did little or nothing to see that Americans get the social-service help they need from their government," Lynn said.
Some taxpayers may find that their particular facts and circumstances are less supportable than that used in making the initiative settlement offer.
Over the last 12 months, several of your teams have suggested key strategic initiatives that could catapult the company's sales from $300 million to $600 million over the next four years.
Another major initiative highlighted during the Prime Minister's visit was the U.
In a four-week period, the mailroom received bags of letters containing entries to the contest, praise for the column and donations to the Poetry Initiative.
Improve Communication with the Acquisition Workforce: This initiative recommends establishing an integrated process team to address the concerns of, and provide support for, the acquisition workforce.
Obviously, the IRS is concerned about these statistics on America's view of tax compliance and enforcement and is introducing several new initiatives to encourage compliance and to improve audit coverage.
This initiative will create interdisciplinary programs that address significant and complex biomedical problems, particularly those that may resist more traditional research approaches.
Understanding organizational culture and the influence it has on change will likely determine whether your change initiative is successful.
We believe this entrepreneurial initiative will allow us the opportunity to use the latest technologies to overcome the obstacle of a thick glacial overburden that had limited explorations in the past," he says.
Anyone who wanted to develop an understanding of recordkeeping and records management for the' purpose of advancing any professional initiatives, either globally or in a particular country, had basically nowhere to turn.

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